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Below you will find a collection of answers to questions regarding eyebrow and eyelash tint.

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself well for the colouring of your eyebrows and eyelashes and how to carry it out properly.

1. At what age can I start using eyebrow tint?

Colouring eyebrows with tint cannot be done on persons under the age of 16 and this is regulated by the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

2. What do we use tint for?

The tint gives a permanent colouring effect on the hair. Depending on the product you choose – you can enjoy the colour from 3 days to even 4 weeks. In addition, henna emphasises the eyes giving your face a distinctive look. The right eyebrow styling fashions your facial features and can optically cover up any imperfections.

3. What exactly is an eyebrow tint?

An eyebrow tint is a cosmetic product which originated its name from the Lawsonia Inermis plant, colloquially known as henna. In reality, the eyebrow tint does not necessarily have the actual plant henna in its composition. There are products that do have herbs in the formulation, such as powder henna. However, most products are based on specially selected pigments that come in powder, cream or gel form.

4. Do we need to mix all eyebrow tints with an activator?

There are tint products on the market that need to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide.
Delia Cosmetics offers products to be mixed with special activators that you already buy in a set with a colouring cream, powder or gel. But on the other hand, there are some tints just to be mixed with water, such as the powder eyebrow tint from Delia.

5. What is an activator for eyebrow tint?

An activator is hydrogen peroxide in varying concentrations. It can come in aqueous or emulsion form. The activator, as the name suggests, activates the chemical reaction of pigment formation.

6. What concentration of activator is safe for eyebrows and eyelashes colouring?

According to the Cosmetic Products Ordinance, a safe concentration for eyelash colouring is 2%, while up to 3.5% is considered safe for eyebrows.

7. Do I need any special equipment to do eyebrow and eyelash colouring?

Henna is a treatment you can easily do at home. If you choose Delia Cosmetics products, you have all the necessary elements in your kit. For traditional tint you will need a small glass and a cotton bud. Apart from that, you should have a pair of disposable gloves and be in a good mood!

8. What should I do before doing colouring eyebrows?

Regardless of the type of tint, do an allergy test 24 hours before your planned application. If there are no changes on your skin after this time, you can proceed to colouring.

9. How do I prepare my skin for eyebrow colouring?

Perform a thorough make-up removal, preferably using a product with water, such as a gel or foam cleanser. Then apply Vaseline or any cream around the brow area to protect the skin from staining. And you’re done!

10. Can I adjust my eyebrows after a colouring treatment?

And you definitely should 🙂 After colouring, it’s a good idea to adjust your eyebrows to the desired shape with tweezers. Never pluck your eyebrow hair out before applying tint, as your skin will be irritated after adjusting your eyebrows and the plucked hairs will leave empty spots in the epidermis which can be unsightly filled with pigment.

11. What if the colouring effect is too dark?

First of all, don’t panic. If you want to neutralise the colour all you need is soap and warm water.
Put a little soap on a cotton pad and moisten it with warm water. Rub gently on your eyebrow arch for a few minutes. The colour should become a little less intense. You can also use a make-up remover instead of soap and water.

12. Can I colour my eyelashes with the eyebrow tint as well?

To colour your eyelashes you must use a product specifically designed for this, as not all tints are suitable for this purpose. it is regulated by the Cosmetic Products Regulation. If you want to colour your eyelashes, use Delia’s eyebrow and eyelash gel henna.

13. Can I use eyebrow tint if I have sensitive / couperose-prone skin?

Yes, you can. If you follow the instructions and observe the precautions, you have no contraindications to using an eyebrow tint.

14. Can I use eyebrow tint for tattoos on my body?

No. The pigments used in tint are only allowed to be used for colouring the eyebrows. This is regulated by the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

15. Do all tints dye the skin?

Yes, by definition all tints dye the skin, however not all types of skin will be dyed by a tint. It depends on the type of skin (dry, oily, etc), the reaction and its individual predisposition.

16. What good do the herbs included in the eyebrow tint do?

If there are herbs in the composition of your eyebrow tint, then this is very good news for your hair.
The powder tint from Delia contains chna – Indian herb that nurtures and strengthens the hair.

17. Is eyebrow tint without herbs any worse?

Definitely not. The eyebrow tint with and the eyebrow tint without herbs are simply two, completely different products. Remember that when choosing the perfect product for you, factors such as the longevity of the effect, the number of applications, the form of colouring agent or the price should be taken into account. Find the perfect eyebrow tint for you.

18. Does the eyebrow tint have any nurturing active ingredients?

It depends on the type of product. In the colour cream tint from Delia you will find argan oil and D-panthenol, the gel tint contains D-panthenol, the instant (single component) tint is enriched with argan oil, while the powder tint contains natural herbs.

19. How do I wash off the eyebrow tint?

Eyebrow tint should be washed off after a certain amount of time with a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water.

20. How long do I keep the tint on my eyebrows?

It all depends on which type of tint you have chosen. We recommend keeping traditional tint, gel tint, instant tint and cream tint on the hair for 5-10 minutes, whilst powder tint should be kept for a bit longer – 10-20 minutes. Remember that the longer you keep the tint on your eyebrows, the darker the colour you get.

21. Can I colour my eyebrows in the presence of children or pets?

Yes, of course. However, protect children and pets from direct contact with the tint.

22. Are all tints on the market safe? How can you verify this?

All cosmetics coming out on the market must be safe. If you want to make sure if your tint is safe – check the concentration of the activator, remembering that for eyelash colouring it should be 2% and for eyebrows up to 3.5%.



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